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Polarity was founded in 1999 to meet the growing need for innovative, reliable, and affordable high voltage power systems and solutions. Since then, a wide spectrum of customers ranging from the traditional military, commercial, industrial, and medical fields to cutting-edge green power have come to appreciate Polarity’s technical capabilities, responsiveness, and attention to quality. Steady business growth has resulted.

Polarity’s highly experienced engineering staff specializes in the solution to difficult challenges in high density high voltage power system design and works closely with customers to ensure success. Polarity engineers, managers, and accountants have experience working as subcontractor to large billion dollar corporations and as a prime contractor to the DOD. 

  • Airborne TWT and Klystron Amplifiers (500W to 12kW peak)
  • Ground Stationary/Mobile Microwave Tube Amplifiers
  • High Voltage to Low Voltage Converters (DC to DC, DC to AC, AC to DC)
  • High Voltage Microwave Tube Test Sets (TWT, Klystron, Gyrotron, and Magnetron)
  • Military DC to DC Converters (-54C to +125C)
  • High Voltage Solid State Modulators (500V to 100kV), (Single shot to 2MHz)
  • High Voltage Vacuum Tube Modulators (Tetrode and Triodes)
  • High Power Klystron, CFA, and Magnetron Amplifier

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